For Search Advertisers:

1. Why am I seeing grub-cafe.com on my search advertiser dashboard?

Our technology powers custom search on several top sites on the internet. When a user makes a search on either this site or a partner site, or clicks on a specific search keyword unit on either, we may serve related search results in addition to ads from our trusted advertising partners. Our partners match ads to these search keywords based on how advertisers are bidding on them via their search advertising dashboard.

Here are two examples of the user journey to demonstrate how a user finds their way to your site:

  • a. Example 1:
    Custom Search
  • b. Example 2:
    Search Discovery

Do you have any additional questions or concerns? We are happy to help. Please contact us by clicking here.

2. Why do I see a sudden increase or decrease in searches from grub-cafe.com?

grub-cafe.com powers site search on multiple large and popular publishers.

Publishers routinely decide to change their featured content and top articles on the homepage in response to topical changes in the environment or changes in the news cycle. In addition, certain news may get publishers to highlight related articles on their homepages and sub sections. As our related search units are relevant to the content of the articles, more people see and hence click on search topics related to these terms

For example, tax content is top priority during tax season. Similarly, educational content takes center stage during the back-to-school season. The onset of spring results in the prioritization of articles about pollen allergies on the homepage of these sites.

For Visitors on our site:

1. Why am I being redirected to a grub-cafe.com results page when I search on another site?

Our technology powers custom search on several top sites on the internet. When you searched on one of their sites you may have been redirected to grub-cafe.com as the site search experience would have been powered by us.

2. Where do your results come from?

All our results are powered through our partnerships with top search networks, publishing houses and publishers.

When you reach our site via a search from a partner site, your results are d either from content within their site, our partnerships or from our search partner’s solutions.

3. Why do I land on a search results page on grub-cafe.com when I click on topics related to an article on a website?

We power search suggestions on several top sites across the internet.

Our ad technology scans the webpage you are viewing to filter your intent via relevant search keywords. Engaging with these keywords or search suggestions result in relevant content and ads being delivered to you via an experience hosted by us on this domain.

Here’s an illustration of how we render relevant search suggestions and your journey forward:

Search Discovery

4. How can I share feedback?

Please click here to access our Feedback Form.

If you have comments and suggestions related to your experience on our site, the ads or search results we display, or even a partner site you came in from, please share them with us. We appreciate the time and effort you put in to give us feedback. This helps us understand how we can improve or celebrate the things we are getting right.

5. What data does grub-cafe.com collect?

Our Privacy Policy is constantly updated to include the data we collect, process and store. Sample information we may collect includes:

  • Computer or browser information such as your system activity, the domain name of the website from which you linked to our Service, the time and duration of your use of our service and any queries, browser type, and browser language.
  • Device information such as your hardware model, operating system, operating system version, mobile device type, unique identifiers from your computer or mobile device, application download information, and/or IP address.
  • Location information such as your geolocation when you use our service from a mobile device and/or mobile application. We may ask you to manually provide precise location information or request you to enable your mobile device to send us precise location information.

Please get in touch if you have any specific questions or concerns. We are happy to help. You can contact us by clicking here.